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We are a content company, designing and executing powerful communications strategies. We are storytellers that power brands and drive sales. Our writers and designers develop meaningful content that shapes global conversations. And we believe that every piece of corporate content ­has the ability to inform, compel, and inspire.


Our Capabilities


Our Clients

Cavan works on behalf of some of the most recognized brands in the world, including IBM, GE, Dell, and Booz & Co. And we work on behalf of small businesses as well. To all of our clients, we deliver world-class content; everything from corporate responsibility reports to sales enablement materials. We help them identify, develop, and communicate their messages. We help them tell their stories.

Brand Narrative

Stories are told by and about brands. We ensure everyone is reading from the same script.

Content strategy

The most important work for any content campaign is understanding the audience, crafting the messages, and choosing the mediums. Our content strategists have decades of collective experience building a content plan and executing it.

Web copywriting

Whether you’re communicating business-to-business, or directly to consumers, everyone needs good web copy. Cavan is versed in the nuances of writing for the web – keywording, brevity, and powerful combinations of headlines, text and imbedded media.

Content development

Content marketing strategies require a deep understanding of audience and the intent of the messaging. Balancing these insights with the appropriate tone and form create a readable and informative communication that is deeply valuable to the reader AND the communicator.

Thought Leadership

Establishing your company’s point of view and shaping the conversation on critical issues is the obligation of any market leader.

Custom publication

Many of our content experts have backgrounds in journalism and publishing, which makes custom publications a natural fit.

Corporate journalism

As the field of corporate journalism expands, more and more companies are looking for business partners that can ask the right questions and get at the heart of a story in an authentic, approachable way. Sometimes, Cavan writers find themselves working as “embedded” journalists within a company campaign, teasing-out compelling stories in real time.

Sales enablement

As the sheer volume of content within companies expands, many organizations find they need help creating, organizing and distributing sales enablement content to the right people at the right time. Even keeping some evergreen pieces up to date can be a challenge. We work with large organizations to create sales enablement content systems that keep materials fresh and accessible.